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Our Caregivers Forum is part of Making Magic at Home: Igloo, a project supported by The Mighty Creatives. 

The forum is designed at supporting caregivers of young children who may struggle to access art, so they can embrace creativity in the home.


Through a social media platform we will share resources we’ve created and curated to enable you to bring play into your home.

The forum will also allow Egg Box to ask you what you and your children need from us, which will enable us to create work that is accessible and meets the needs of your children.

***We are offering forum members a free sensory pack when you book.*** We only have so many and it's first come first serve so get in touch quick! 

Quick criteria check for a free sensory box:

  1. Your child or a child you work with/care for has a disability 

  2. You are unable to take your child out as much as you’d like due to shielding (yourself or them) 

  3. You are unable to access art and creativity for you and your child/a child you work with/care for on a regular basis due to financial or geographical reasons. 

Join the forum today have and chat to us about your creative needs.