Making Magic at Home  

About the series 

Our Making Magic at Home digital series is specially designed for children aged 2-5 and children with additional needs to enjoy with their grown up. Videos will be available on our website and Facebook page.Each week there will be opportunities for you to pause the video and take on some creative tasks around your house for a longer and fuller experience. 

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We are accepting donations to help us take our onscreen magic to the stage. If you've enjoyed our adventures and can afford to make a donation, visit our Just Giving page by clicking the support us button below. 

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IGLOO Launch Video

NESTED Launch Video 


Igloo is an unfinished story, will you help us tell it?

We're so excited to share our new project, IGLOO supported by The Mighty Creatives, Flickbook Theatre and Riverhead Theatre.

Each week we'll share the beginning of a story, but it's up to you to decide how it finishes...Igloo is a story series for children aged 2-5 and those with additional needs and together we'll create a unique story about an interesting and icy land

Tune in from Saturday 1st August to begin the adventure

Check out our helpful resources page for guidance on making activities. 

Download our Magic Maker Booklet and get involved at home. 


Episode 1 Dome at Home   

Episode 2 Walking Through the Forrest  

Episode 3 Taking Flight 

Episode 4 Building a Nest   

Episode 5 Sound Asleep  

Check out our helpful resources page for guidance on making activities. 

Episode 6 The Story of Baby Bird   


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